End of Life Decisions

End of Life Decisions

End of Life Decisions

Preparing to say Goodbye to your Pet

“How will I know when it is “right time” to say goodbye?”

This is never an easy decision. There are some signs that can help you decide when the time has come. It is important to assess the quality of life, based on your perception of changes in the following: Attitude, Appetite, and Activity.

Attitude: Does your pet still enjoy doing most of the activities he/she used to do? Have there been changes in how your pet interacts with other family members?
Appetite: This is often a big factor. If your pet's appetite or desire to eat has declined, the quality of life often has diminished as well.
Activity: Does your pet seem reluctant to move around? Is he/she still able to use the litter box or go outside to urinate or defecate?

“How can my family and I best prepare to say goodbye?”

When you are ready to book a euthanasia appointment, our team will ask two important questions: “Who in your family would like to be present if anyone?” and “What aftercare option would you like for your pet?”.

Our clinic has a small variety of options for your pet after being euthanized.

1) NO AFTERCARE : You have the option to take your pets’ body home to bury, in which we provide a burial box and proper burial instructions.

2) GROUP CREMATION : You have the option to send your pet for a Group Cremation, in which your pet would be cremated with other pets and then those ashes are spread off premise. You do not have any ashes returned to you with this option. *If sending for Group Cremation, you also have the option to donate your pets body towards research purposes.*

3) PRVATE CREMATION : You have the option to have your pet privately cremated, in which they are cremated on their own, without other animals. These ashes are then returned to you in 3 different ways of your choice; a Scatter Box, a Wooden Box, or a Pewter Urn. The pictures of each of the private options are shown below.

Pewter Urn (Name on Front)

Wooden Box

Scatter Box

”What if I don’t want ashes back, but would like something else to remember my pet with?”

We also provide options for those who feel they would like a piece to remember your special friend. This is a great option if you would not like ashes or feel it is out of your means to pay for having them returned. Clay Paw Prints Impressions are taken after your pet has been euthanized and the prints are sent away to a third party company to be created from the impression. Similarly to the cremation options, the clay impressions come in a number of forms.

  1. Round Single Paw

  2. Large Round Single Paw

  3. 5x7 Frame

  4. 5x7 Frame Hinge Set (2 frames that sit like an open book. Photo on opposite side to Paw Print)

With any of the options listed above, you have a few additional choices of colors and name/age display. Name and/or age can be listed on the front of the frame option and the front or back of the round prints. Color choices include Metallic Pearl White, Champagne Gold, or the option of no color (natural clay look). Each of these options is shown below as examples.

Metallic Pearl White

Champagne Gold

No Color

5x7 Frame (Available in all colors)